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Board game translation and layout

Welcome to Meeple Foundry

Meeple Foundry is the smooth combination of a translator and a graphic designer. We want to bring your board games further. How? Keep on reading

Meeple Foundry is a project founded by two Spanish avid gamers, Diana & Samuel, where we would love to enable editorials and publishers to reach new borderlines for their board games. Wouldn’t it be great to have within the same team your board game translation, redesign of the layout and get your final artwork in one go?

Translation and localisation


Board game layout and final artwork


Graphic design and photography


Board game translation & localisation

We can professionally translate rulebooks, game components and associated materials needed for your board game. We strongly consider localisation in the process of translation, as it needs cultural adaptation for distinct markets and for the target culture.

Being familiar with the board games terminology ensures that the translation describes accurately the game play and isn’t just blindly done word for word. We can do so in various combination of languages, such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Romanian. Which is the combo you need for your game?

Board game editorial design, layout and final artwork

Subsequently the translation, we can redesign your board game and create its final artwork, ready to be produced with all the professional adjustments. We work on a daily basis with professional graphic design software, such as Adobe InDesign or Illustrator and that’s why we know how to close a packaged file, the types of finishings, how to adapt a file to different usages and so on.

Board game graphic design, photography and image edition

If non of the above is what you need, keep on reading because we can offer you more. Do you have a prototype and need graphics for your board game? Or maybe an update of your rulebooks and game components? What about professional photographs of your game to use them with an ad purpose?Or maybe you just want a detailed and professional review on our Instagram… We got you covered!

Our many years of experience have provided us with contacts within the creative field. If what you need is an illustrator or someone to do 3D renders or motion graphics for your Kickstarter projects, we got the right contacts for you. Meeple Foundry is able to find the appropriate creative profile that you need.

We’ve worked with:


On the Underground

Meeple Foundry were quick, efficient and thorough. They were able to dedicate time to the game and its rules so that we could include Spanish in the production in time. Recommended!

Ludicreations Team International board game publisher


The One Hundred Torii

Efficient, high-quality work and a great attitude. Would happily work with Meeple Foundry again in the future.

Ed Baraf · Pencil First Games American board game publisher



I was quickly convinced by the practical approach Meeple Foundry offered. Their wording was compact, elegant and very professional

Michiel de Wit · Gam'inBiz Kickstarter Project


Their passion for board games is easily matched by the quality of their work - looking forward to working together on more localization projects in the future!

Ben · Floodgate Games American board game publisher

Escape Pods / Idus Martii

Meeple Foundry are efficient and professional, with work capacity and high availability. It is a pleasure to work with them, as I have the conviction that the assignments are completed in time and with quality.

Jordi · 2Tomatoes Spanish board game publisher

We had it clear when founding Meeple Foundry: we wanted to create the perfect combo for board games to reach further players than in its native language throughout our professional fields: translation & communications and graphic design & layout.

Translation and localisation

Diana Toma

She is a translator and interpreter with a proven track record in the industry. She loves communication in all means and has always worked in sectors with public engagement, as advertising translator, communications manager, conference interpreter and subtitler for TED Talks, among others.

In terms of board games, her preferences are euro games and strategy games as she loves making combos to win against Samu.

Graphic design and layout

Samuel Zaragoza

He has 15 years of experience as a creative, graphic and editorial designer and he’s currently working as art director and advertising photographer. He has experience with the process within the graphic design industry, as having worked both in studios and big communications agencies. He has worked for national and international clients with projects done for BMW/Mini, Tigex (France), La Piara (Spain), etc.

On what regards board games, he loves fillers, well-crafted and balanced mechanisms and he enjoys everything that has an awesome artwork.

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Even though we’d love to be constantly traveling, trying new things and experiencing new cultures and countries, we are now living in sunny Málaga, Spain. We have lived though in different countries, such as Germany, Portugal or Romania, and we travel each time we got the chance.

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